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dCore Boot and Installation from GRUB Legacy

A brief dCore installation and boot example from an existing Linux install using GRUB Legacy. No need to burn a CD/DVD or get a USB stick. Simply download the base file system and kernel into the boot directory of your choice. A small separate boot partition may be preferred (<100mb) but is not necessary. Boot the existing Linux installation where the GRUB Legacy installation resides and modify the boot configuration.

GRUB Legacy begins numbering drives and partitions from zero (0). In the example below, dCore-jessie (vmlinuz-jessie, dCore-jessie.gz) boots from (hd0,4)/boot/dCore/ and the /tce/ (Tiny Core extension) directory is located in sda5, these are both the same drive and partition. The dCore boot files do not need to be installed in the same partition as the TCE directory. Nor does the dCore system need to boot from the same partition as the main Linux system installation. All of this information can be specified in GRUB Legacy's menu.lst file.

However, if no other partitions are available and/or it is not desirable to create another partition, the two dCore boot files can just be placed in the primary Linux installation's root sub-directory, such as /boot/dCore/, and a TCE directory can be created in the same partition's root directory (/tce/). In this way, two Linux systems can be installed on the same partition.

In the following example, substitute 'dCore-jessie' with the dCore flavor of choice:

  • Download and copy dCore-jessie.gz and vmlinuz-jessie to the desired boot directory, example:
    • /boot/dCore/dCore-jessie.gz
    • /boot/dCore/vmlinuz-jessie
  • Edit the primary Linux installation's GRUB Legacy /boot/grub/menu.lst file, specifying the desired TCE partition and any additional desired boot codes:
title		dCore-jessie
root		(hd0,4)
kernel		/boot/dCore/vmlinuz-jessie showapps tce=sda5 desktop=flwm
initrd		/boot/dCore/dCore-jessie.gz
  • Reboot and select dCore-jessie from the GRUB Legacy menu.
  • This boots to CLI until X.org and a Window Manager are imported to load at boot, FLWM Window Manager in this example.
  • Reboot and enjoy!

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