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dCore Boot and Installation from GRUB2

A brief dCore installation and boot example from an existing Linux install using GRUB2. No need to burn a CD/DVD or get a USB stick. Simply download the base file system and kernel into the boot directory of your choice. A small seperate boot partition may be preferred (<100mb) but not necessary. Boot the existing Linux install where GRUB2 resides and modify the boot configuration.

This example boots dCore-jessie (vmlinuz-jessie, dCore-jessie.gz) from the root directory of hd1,1 (sdb1) and the tce (extension) directory is located in sdb4:

  • Download and copy dCore-jessie.gz and vmlinuz-jessie to /mnt/sdb1/dCore/boot.
  • Edit /etc/grub.d/40_custom, determine desired tce partition, add required boot codes and modify as needed:
        menuentry "dCore" {
            set root=(hd1,1)
            linux /dCore/boot/vmlinuz-jessie nozswap showapps tce=sdb4 desktop=fluxbox
            initrd /dCore/boot/dCore-jessie.gz
  • Run sudo update-grub.
  • Reboot and select dCore from the GRUB2 menu.
  • This boots to CLI, install X.org and Fluxbox/Window Manager
  • Reboot and enjoy!

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