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dCore Boot using Syslinux

Syslinux is a popular boot loader known for simplicity and modularity, similar to Grub Legacy.

dCore on a USB device

The following example configures Syslinux to boot dCore from a Ext-Partition on a USB device. The TCE-directory as well as the home- and opt-directories are located on the same partition which is referred by label; UUIDs can be used as well. Furthermore, hostname and timezone are set, multiple virtual terminals as well as the syslog daemon are activated, loaded apps are listed on the boot screen and after that the system pauses before continuing.

In this example the 'ldlinux.sys' and 'menu.c32' files must be available under '/boot/'.

ui menu.c32
default dCore
timeout 45

label dCore
        menu label dCore on a stick
        kernel /boot/vmlinuz-trusty
        append initrd=/boot/ub-dCore-trusty.gz waitusb=15 blacklist=pcspkr tce=LABEL="dCORE-USB" home=LABEL="dCORE-USB" opt=LABEL="dCORE-USB" host=dCstick lang="de_CH.UTF-8" desktop=openbox tz=CET-1CEST,M3.5.0,M10.5.0/3 multivt syslog showapps pause

Syslinux and DOS-8.3 filenames

Using Syslinux 3.63-3.70 on a USB drive with a FAT32 file system, an example boot stanza from the Syslinux shell might be /vmlinu~1 initrd=/dcore-~1.gz, cf. the dCore Test Drive on a USB Stick.

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