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dCore-java-installer Command

The dCore-java-installer command is not included in a base dCore install. It can be imported separately from the dCore pre-built repository. Once installed, running dCore-java-installer assists to download Oracle's most recent Java Runtime Environment (JRE 8) and creates a JRE extension named after the JRE version (eg. jre-8u92-linux-i586.sce). The Java browser plugin only works in Firefox and Iceweasel, Chrome/Chromium no longer provides support.

To install Oracle's JRE 8, run:

  sce-import -o dCore-java-installer
  sce-load dCore-java-installer

The Java Runtime Environment has frequent documented security issues. Remove any old JRE SCEs and, as noted below, re-run the dCore-java-installer script and repeat the process when Java updates available (eg. Firefox will flag Java plugin out of date).

End of script Java usage notes are provided, example:

*  jre-8u92-linux-i586 added to /etc/sysconfig/tcedir/sceboot.lst.
*  Run sce-load jre-8u92-linux-i586 to load this extension.
*  Manually remove /home/tc/jre-8u92-linux-i586.tar.gz as desired.
*  If old version installed:
       * Remove old /etc/sysconfig/tcedir/sceboot.lst entry
       * Reboot system
*  Firefox Java plugin installed, restart browser to activate.
*  Java plugin test:
       *  http://java.com/en/ -> Do i have Java?
       *  http://www.test-java.com/
*  Import and load bash to launch ControlPanel (or jcontrol).
*  Default security high so most web applets won't run, at own risk use
   ControlPanel to add Exception Sites and modify security settings.
*  ControlPanel can also remove temporary files, enable debug console, etc.
*  Re-run this script to install Java updates.

Usage options from the dCore-java-installer –help command:

dCore-java-installer - Create a JRE 8 SCE (Java Runtime Environment, eg.
                       jre-8u92-linux-i586.sce). Imports JRE only, not JDK
                       (Java Development Kit), may use option combinations.
If >1 web browser installed select from list, opens Oracle Java JRE 8 download
site, manually download file (eg. jre-8u92-linux-i586.tar.gz) to home
(eg. /home/tc/) or /tmp directory, then prompted to create the SCE.
Re-run this script and repeat the process when Java updates available
(eg. Firefox will flag Java plugin out of date).
Oracle JRE 8 download site:
dCore-java-installer     Create a Java SCE.
dCore-java-installer -b  Create a Java SCE, add SCE to sceboot.lst.
dCore-java-installer -e  Create a Java SCE, search home and /tmp
                         directory for an already downloaded jre-8*.tar.gz file.
dCore-java-installer -r  Create a Java SCE, create SCE in RAM.

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