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dCore Contributing

Simply install and test a lot of different packages. And keep up-to-date, by downloading the kernel and file-system package provided in The Archives! And then report bugs to the relevant sub-forum.

And keep an eye on what the scripts write-out in the terminal, and run programs you have problems with in a terminal, so you can catch its error-messages. And make a bug-report with the messages from the terminal. Even if something is just acting unexpectedly, you should look into it, and consider reporting it. You never know when you might catch a bug!

Write down the problems you've encountered in a text-file, and try make a neatly structured report. And be patient with the developers – who are developing in their own free time. The better your report, the better it can be addressed by the developers. Through this practise, you will be able to consider the problem better yourself, and might even be able to report a neat solution instead of just the problem!

Also search the forums to see if your issue has been addressed.

Learning more about Linux in general can't hurt either. Just keep calm and learn, and you will find a solution.

And simply partake in the community, and help build a healthy, encouraging atmosphere. Where we can drive eachother forward, towards ever expanding goals.

The whole Linux world is built on the concept of (libre) open source software, and sharing of ideas, art, and other community-contributions.

We all have different goals, but at least we can learn to share the more general standards, concepts and goals. So align yourself with the philosophy and goals of the community and Linux world first of all, then you will find your own ways of contributing.