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dCore Contributing


Install and test a lot of different packages. Keep up-to-date and test dCore release candidate changes! Report any bugs to the relevant dCore sub-forum.

Keep an eye on script outputs in the terminal and launch problematic programs from a terminal to catch error messages. Provide a bug report with the messages from the terminal. Even if something is just acting unexpectedly, look into it and consider reporting the issue. You never know when you might catch a bug!

Write down problems encountered in a text file and provide a neatly structured report. Be patient with the developers, who are all volunteers, developing in their own free time. The better your report, the better it can be addressed by the developers.

Through this practise you will be able to better consider the problem yourself and may even be able to report a neat solution instead of just the problem!

Also search the forums to see if your issue has been addressed. Learning more about Linux in general can't hurt either. Keep calm and learn, you will find a solution.

And simply partake in the community and help build a healthy, encouraging atmosphere. Where we can drive each other forward, towards ever expanding goals. The whole Linux world is built on the concept of (libre) open source software and sharing of ideas, art and other community-contributions.

We all have different goals but we can learn to share the more general standards, concepts and goals. Align yourself with the philosophy and goals of the community and Linux world first of all, then you will find your own ways of contributing.


The dCore-Scripts are available on GitHub. Feel free to experiment!


After overcoming any initial difficulties, you will hopefully venture forward and get your installation going. We hope this wiki will help you on this journey. For problems not adequately covered in the wiki please check out the dCore sub-forums for additional support.

If you have solved a problem please document your solution in this wiki so others may benefit from your experience! Together we can make dCore become what we want it to be.


The dCore project is grass roots Linux supported primarily by developer Jason W with assistance from the Tiny Core Linux team and keen members. Keeping all this software running is a moving target as dCore and Linux develop, Debian and Ubuntu repositories change, packages get updated, etc. A script that previously worked well may require updating to accommodate changes or a new release. It's a lot of work for a small assembly of volunteers. Whenever possible, attempt to provide a solution or work around for the problem.

An ongoing to do list of sorts will be posted here and occasionally reviewed. Users are encouraged to submit patches and script updates to keep the project up to date. Please notify forum member nitram about any new or changed items regarding the FixMe list below. Script updates and patches should be submitted to Jason W for review.

* dCore-install: Last check the dCore-install script did not work. It did not appear to recognize the ISO downloaded, likely related to the file name. This may be a relatively simple fix but would require some testing. Robust coding to accommodate future ISO name changes would be beneficial (eg. dCore-wily.iso vs dCore-xenial.iso).

* dCore-usbinstall: Similar to above, dCore-usbinstall should be formally tested.

* dCore-google-chrome-stable-installer: This command must be imported using sce-import dCore-google-chrome-stable-installer. It is used to convert Google Chrome browser into an SCE but was not functional when last tested as Google has changed their download process and Terms of Service. The script may need to be updated similar to the dCore-java-installer script, which first requires the user to manually download the relevant package and then initiate the dCore installation script.

* Printer and scanner installation wiki update: The dCore wiki would benefit from a how to regarding printer and scanner installation. An update is pending as this contributor finally has a printer and scanner to work with.

* The dCore tc-functions Script Overview section (http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:tc-functions) is incomplete and should either be updated or removed, if anyone is able to review and complete that would be great.