dCore sce-load Command

The sce-load command is used to load SCE(s) into RAM for use. Note extensions listed in /etc/sysconfig/tcedir/sceboot.lst are automatically loaded at boot time. Supported dCore Window Managers have an integrated OnDemand menu, which allows easy loading of SCEs placed in OnDemand. Review the dCore sce-ondemand Command for more information.


Usage options from the 'sce-load –help' command:

sce-load - Load SCE(s) and any SCE(s) depended on into RAM for use.
           SCEs typically located in /etc/sysconfig/tcedir/sce/.


sce-load             Menu prompt, select SCE to load.
sce-load SCE         Directly load the named SCE.
sce-load SCE1 SCE2   Directly load multiple SCEs.
sce-load -b SCE      Internal use only, to load SCEs at boot time.
sce-load -d SCE      Write any debug information to var/log/sce.log.
sce-load -s SCE      Suppress terminal output during loading process.

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