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Easytether on minimal dCore (cannedD)

Dear developers and dCore users,

I used Easytether as a springboard for using sce-import just after installing dCore. I think it would be a good option if you like going very minimally. The steps areā€¦

Edit: Easytether is an android app that enables tethering without using android OS's tethering mechanism.


Prerequisite: you need these 5 files.


Copy the files to a directory on USB and setup syslinux properly. Boot. Move libssl and libcrypto to /lib/ Extract three executables from the .deb file using ar and tar commands. Make a directory named /var/lib/easytether/empty Make a script file containing next 5 lines:

addgroup -S easytether
adduser -S -G easytether -h /var/lib/easytether/empty -H -s /bin/false easytether
ifconfig easytether-tap up
udhcpc -i easytether-tap

(Optionally, edit /opt/.filetool.lst here.)

sudo the script.

Now you can sce-import -r w3m, sce-load w3m and start web browsing!!

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