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dcore:server_applications: 9 Hits
security, disable wireless if not used, stronger password). To determine the router's IP address using bui... router. Using the router's administator name and password, login to router and enable 'Shared Storage'. Rev... ba/smb.conf - run testparm to debug it Enter tc's password: dos charset 'CP850' unavailable - using ASCII D... italization required, simply press Enter at 'tc's password:' prompt if not using a user password. Example:
wiki:mysql_persistence_guide: 8 Hits
wn.sh ====== MariaDB Settings ====== === Root password === To set up a root password you need to use the following command; mysqladmin -u root password YOUR_PASSWORD === Entering the MySQL terminal ==... lowing command; mysql -u root -p Input your password when asked and you will be presented with the MyS... mmand -- in this example, the user is 'nickjf20', password 'YOUR_PASSWORD'; CREATE USER 'nickjf20'@'loca
wiki:passwd: 7 Hits
]. ==== Add Passwords to Tinycore ==== To add a password for user tc, open the terminal and type <code>passwd</code> To add a password for root, type <code>sudo passwd</code> The procedure described above stores the password using 8-byte parity, so the password will be 8 characters long, i.e. "passwd ... o login using "12345678" or "12345678blahblah" as password. This occurs on 4.1 and 4.2. Use "passwd -a md5"
wiki:server: 7 Hits
ss of the server. The login name is ''tc'' and no password is required. From now on, every command (includin... mous'' and typically the email address is used as password. Howeer, the password is not verified by the server, so any password will do it. ===== samba3 for Windows Network Shares ===== The SMB server requi... t account with user name ''nobody'' and without a password, type ''smbpasswd -an nobody'' From this point,
wiki:printer_setup_using_cups: 7 Hits
t on, before restarting the computer. ==== Root Password ==== If you don't already have a root password, s... and type <code>sudo passwd</code> Enter the root password when prompted. You need to enter it twice. The password will not be saved when the computer is turned off. You don't need to save it. If you want to save the password when the computer is turned off, see [[passwd|Tinycore Passwords]]. ==== Copy t
dcore:basic_desktop_installation: 4 Hits
n use tab-completion which is helpful here). === Password === The specified user is given the hard-coded password "tcuser". In general, it does not make much sense to specify an individual password because i... ble [[http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/?do=search&id=password|boot-options]] available, though. =====Persistenc
dcore:wireless_set-up: 4 Hits
use 'wifi.sh' which will create the file with the password hashed. The clear-text password is commented out
dcore:system_start_and_boot-codes: 3 Hits
dUser() adds user USER in group "staff" without a password. Then set its password to "tcuser" and give it pa... he user and change their passwords. ===protect: password-protection for 'mydata.gz' (?!)=== if PROTECT i
wiki:netbook_tips: 3 Hits
going to be using a public wifi signal (i.e., no password needed). If you will normally be using a password-protected network, you can modify the lines appropriately. For example, to connect automatically to... id-name sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode managed key your-password sudo udhcpc -i wlan0 </code> Having made these ch
dcore:faq: 3 Hits
== dCore defaults to user tc, uses sudo without a password, is it secure? ==== dCore makes it easy to get a ... ons: * Available boot codes include secure (set password), protect (password encrypt backup), noautologin.
dcore:tc-functions_source_20150429: 3 Hits
74 else 175 echo -n "${BLUE}Enter password (8 to 56 characters) for ${YELLOW}$1${NORMAL}: " ... done 186 [ ${#PASSWD} -lt 8 ] && echo " Password is too short!" 187 [ ${#PASSWD} -gt 56 ] && echo " Password is too long!" 188 done 189 } 190 OK=0 191 until [ "$OK" == 1 ]; do 1
wiki:bcrypt: 2 Hits
asswords <Enter></code> You'll be prompted for a password. When you wish to open the file later, you will t... sswords.bfe <Enter></code> After putting in your password, the file will be returned to its unencrypted for
wiki:extlinux_passwd: 2 Hits
You can start each operating system with its own password, or the master password. ==== Use Encrypted Pass
wiki:boot_options: 2 Hits
PPI.| | tinycore secure | Set password.| | tinycore [[Boot option protect|protect]] | Password Encrypted Backup.| | tinycore pause | Pause at comple